January 28, 2022   Dear Residents, Family members/Legal Representatives and Staff:   Happy Snow Day Eve! We pray that you and your loved ones stay warm and safe during this projected snow storm. We are prepared here at Hebert’s to weather this storm.   I am also excited to share that I will be staying on as Assistant Administrator to Linda Wheeler. I look forward to meeting you all!   Covid Update: We currently have covid-19 positive cases here at Hebert’s. We have 1 resident and 2 staff member’s positive at this time. They are all following the recommended isolation policy to ensure the safety of all residents and staff. We continue to follow the contingency plan for staffing per the guidance from the Department of Health.   We did receive new guidance from the RI Department of Health requiring that any newly admitted residents be quarantined if they are not up-to-date with vaccinations (booster) for at least 5 days or up to 10 days.   We also received rapid tests from the Dept. of Health this week which will allow us to rapid test visitors at the facility if you are unable to provide a vaccine record or a negative PCR. We will continue however, to ask visitors to provide proof of vaccination or to present proof of a negative PCR test within 48hours. We encourage you to please bring your records or a test when you can so we can be good stewards of the test we have on hand. We appreciate everyone’s cooperation of this requirement.   The most recent guideline by the CDC is recommends 5 days of isolation (instead of 10), “If asymptomatic, followed by 5 days of wearing a mask around others”. Should you test positive and are experiencing any symptoms during quarantine, you are encouraged to stay home until you are symptoms free. We continue to await RI Dept. of Health for further directions.                    Covid-19 testing continues weekly. Please remember that the facility requires that staff, visitors and vendors alike wear a mask upon entering the facility and to keep them on the entire time in the facility. Should you not have one; the facility will provide you one.   You will still need to complete a screening form upon entering the building. We respectfully ask that you be mindful of the time you arrive and that if it is “off hours” for our receptionists – that you patiently wait for another member of our team to be available to greet you and screen you – prior to entering the facility. If you need to be tested, please call ahead so we can have a staff member available to conduct the test.   If you are experiencing ANY symptoms, please do not proceed to enter the building. The facility’s visitation hours are 9:00am through 9:00pm; visiting hours may be extended under special circumstances.  Please wear a mask the entire time you are visiting with your loved one.   If you have any question please feel free to reach out to me, Linda or Rachel Atwood, Director of Nurses. Warm regards, Michelle Gerez    

COVID Vaccination Record

Hebert Health Center

Date Updated:                   12/31/21POST NUMBER BELOW:
Personnel/ Health Care Worker (Denominator) • Includes employees, as well as volunteers, students, trainees, and any individual whether paid or unpaid, directly employed by or under contract with the facility on a part time basis or-full time basis • Reporting should include, but is not limited to: physicians, physician assistants, nurses, environmental, laundry, maintenance, dietary service, certified nursing assistants, therapists (e.g., respiratory, occupational, physical, speech, and music therapists), social workers, clerical, other health care providers, administrative and support staff • Does not apply to a patient’s family member or friend who visits or otherwise assists in the care of that patient in a health care facility  • If HCP were eligible to have worked in two or more facilities, each facility should include such personnel in their denominator • Include persons who work full-time and part-time; Count individuals rather than full-time equivalents  Number of Personnel:              100
Cumulative number of HCP who have Completed COVID-19 vaccination series (Numerator): Dose 1 and dose 2 of Pfizer-BioNTech Covid-19 vaccine  -or- Dose 1 and dose 2 of Moderna COVID-19 Vaccine -or- 1 Dose of Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) COVID-19 vaccine  (Data sources may include health records – paper and/or electronic documentation of vaccination. Documentation of vaccination should include vaccine type and date(s) of administration).Number         Completed COVID-19 Vaccination:        100   Percentage          Completed COVID-19 Vaccination:           100%
Cumulative number of HCP who have received Partial COVID-19 vaccination series (Numerator): Only dose 1 of Pfizer-BioNTech COVID-19 vaccine  -or- Only dose 1 of Moderna COVID-19 vaccine  (Data sources may include health records – paper and/or electronic documentation of vaccination. Documentation of vaccination should include vaccine type and date(s) of administration).Number      Received Partial              COVID-19 Vaccination:            0 Percentage      Received Partial              COVID-19 Vaccination:        0

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